Security Solution
Security Solution

Security Solution
Globally leading security solution for the safe protection of network infrastructures
Radware FireEye MANDIANT F5 WAF Rapid7
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Vulnerability diagnosis and mock hacking verification solution
(Nexpose / Metasploit / AppSpider)

Solution of Rapid 7 is a product for the protection of the assets within the company by analyzing / verifying / countering the security vulnerabilities of the companies (servers, DB, network and security) in automatic format.

Background for the introduction of the product

Majority of the formats of the security accidents that have recently been on the rise rapidly are through the vulnerabilities of the internal system and software. New vulnerabilities are being discovered even at this very moment.
Although the personnel in charge of security of the company need to manage the exposure of the internal assets to such security vulnerabilities and prevent security accidents through continuous security update, it is impossible to manage the countless number of systems and applications through manual methods.
The Solution of Rapid 7 automatically detects the security vulnerabilities of the corporate assets, presents the measures to be taken in accordance with the ranking of the threat and proposes the means of the protection / management of internal assets at the minimum cost and time through verification through actual infiltration test.


Insight Platform – IT/보안 운영자를 위한 차세대 보안 플랫폼

Insight Platform – IT/보안 운영자를 위한 차세대 보안 플랫폼