Security Solution
Security Solution

Security Solution
Globally leading security solution for the safe protection of network infrastructures
Radware FireEye hp Vectra Rapid7

“Cyber Kill Chain” (Preemptive Defense Security Framework)

HP is providing security and regulation compliance solution, and specialized security services for the companies wanting to protect against the internal/external threats (Advanced Threats) that are evolving.
HP Security Intelligence Platform, based on the solutions that are leading the market such as Fortify, WebInspect, TippingPoint, ArcSight and Atalla, is able to preemptively protect the hybrid IT infrastructures of today against the more refined cyber threats by providing drastically advanced correlation analysis, application protection of source code label and network-based defense against the vulnerable points of Zero-day security that are not known, and typical and atypical data encryption and key management solution.

TippingPoint ATA (solution to cope with intelligent type APT attack)

Cope with network APT attack Cope with e-mail APT attack
ATA Network 250 ATA Network 500 ATA Network 1000 ATA Network 4000 ATA Mail 6000
Capacity 250 Mbps 1 Gbps 4 Gbps 400,000 emails/day
Data Ports 4x1G 4x1G, 2x10G 4x1G
Form Factor 1U Rack-Mount 2U Rack-Mount 1U Rack-Mount

ArcSight (integrated log management, abnormal symptom correlation analysis and next-generation security control system)

Fortify (secure coding solution, web security vulnerability scanner)

Atalla (specialized encryption key management, Hybrid DLP + DRM solution, e-mail encryption, big data encryption)