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FTC Educational Curriculum (F5 Training Center) The absolute power in the network market! A golden opportunity to enhance the understanding of F5 products!
FTC Educational Curriculum (F5 Training Center)

FTC presents the understanding and efficient operational method of BIG-IP Platform, which is the Application Switching product among the F5-Networks products that are demonstrating the absolute power in the Application Delivery Network market, and hands over the diverse range of know-how the technological team of OPENBASE Inc. holds in order to provide the opportunity to elevate the understanding on the L7 Switching and Application Delivery in line with the growth of the Application Switching market.

FTC Established Course

Basic course on the operation and composition of F5-BIG – IP L7 Switch (3 days)

Course overview

This educational course begins with the introduction on the overall aspects of the F5 BIG-IP product groups including their functions, performances and characteristics. It is then followed by the execution of intensive education on the concepts such as the principle of Layer 4 Switching, unique Load Balancing Algorithm only of BIG-IP, SLB, FLB, IDS LB, Network Virtual Server and Transparent Virtual Server, etc. that the operator of BIG-IP must be familiar with for the purpose of enhancing the understanding of the Application Delivery. Each of the educational courses is conducted concurrently with practicum, which is the composition aimed at enhancing the level of the understanding of the students. In addition, the course for Advanced Skills including iRule, HTTP Compress, RAM Cache, SSL Acceleration and TCP Offload, etc. is included in order to enable all the students to personally set and operate the diverse range of Layer 7 Switching Features and WEB Acceleration Features that could not be realized in the existing Layer 4 Switching equipment.
Lastly, students will be able to acquire an extensive range of the methods for problem solving that can be applied to the actual operational environment including the Trouble Shooting course to cope with the diverse range of disability cases that can occur during the operation of the equipment.

Educational Curriculum

Recommended prerequisite course

ATC, CCNA, CCNP, Linux Master


No of Training Course Schedule
1st 2016-02-24 ~ 2016-02-26
2nd 2016-04-27 ~ 2016-04-29
3rd 2016-06-15 ~ 2016-06-17
4th 2016-09-07 ~ 2016-09-09
5th 2016-11-16 ~ 2016-11-18

※ Textbooks and equipment for practicum are provided.
※ As we do not provide parking, please use public transportation as much as possible.


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