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RSTC Educational Curriculum (Radware Security Training Center) Radware Security Training Center, the first specialized DDoS security educational center in Korea
RSTC Educational Curriculum (Radware Security Training Center)

RSTC (Radware Security Training Center), as the “first DDoS security educational center in the industry”, executes practical works-oriented lectures including the direct generation of a wide range of DDoS attack traffics that can be experienced in actual network environment and acquisition of the actual defense techniques, etc. through the lecturers specializing in security who have been certified by Radware, and provides specialized DDoS defense technologies and means of coping with a diverse range of security infringements.

RSTC Established Course

Specialized educational curriculum on the Radware – DDoS security (3 days)

코스 개요

In this Educational Curriculum, students will examine the appearances and trends in the evolution of DDoS attacks and the types of attacks that can be anticipated in the future by assessing the purpose/intent and effects/risk factors of DDoS attacks, and the understanding of the types of DDoS attacks that can be experienced under network environment. Moreover, practicum-oriented education in which the students will personally defend the system by generating a diverse range of DDoS attacks is provided to the students. In addition, personnel in charge of the administration and management of the security will be able to recognize the risks induced through the DDoS attacks, and cultivate the ability to establish rational means of coping with and strategy for corporate security through the Educational Curriculum.

Educational Curriculum

Recommended prerequisite course

Ability to understand internet-based protocols (that is, TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc.) and traffic capture


No of Training Course Schedule
1st 2016-03-22 ~ 2016-03-24
2nd 2016-06-22 ~ 2016-06-24
3rd 2016-09-21 ~ 2016-09-23

※ Textbooks and equipment for practicum are provided.
※ As we do not provide parking, please use public transportation as much as possible.


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1 million Won per person
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