HR System

HR System Staffs and company are growing together through educational support and
remuneration system in accordance with the performances of the staffs
in order to enhance the values of individual staffs.
HR System!

Treatment of staffs on the basis of individual capabilities and performances: Annual salary system and incentive system

OPENBASE is implementing the annual salary system on the basis of individual capabilities and performances for all the staffs and executives.
Accurate and proper assessment and treatment on the basis of individual capabilities and performances rather than the rankings and the duration of employment alone! It is nothing special at OPENBASE.

Rational and fair assessment on the basis of communication rather than top-down instruction type assessment: PPC&E

OPENBASE is implementing the Performance Plan, Coaching& Evaluation (PPC&E) system based on MBO (goal management) as the assessment system.
Now, the assessment of individuals is made on the basis of bi-directional communication between the manager in charge and the staff rather than the one-sided assessment such as the existing too-down type assessment or multi-faceted assessment. In addition, “PPC&E”, which is the assessment system of OPENBASE, does not stop at being a simple “assessment system”. The goal of “PPC&E” is to assist individual staffs to accomplish their best performances and to grow continuously through planning together and continuous coaching and mentoring.

Diverse Welfare Benefits System: OPEN WELFARE PROGRAM

OPENBASE is implementing a diverse range of welfare benefits system for greater contentment of all the staffs and executives.

Legal Welfare Benefits

In-house Welfare Benefits