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Recruit Guide We invite those with and without past experiences
to take up the challenge of working with us now!
The foremost competitiveness of OPENBASE is you.
Recruit Guide!

Festival for new recruitment applicants: Public recruitment of new staffs

OPENBASE is implementing annual salary system on the basis of individual’s capabilities and performances for all the staffs and executives.
Accurate and proper assessment and treatment on the basis of individual capabilities and performances rather than the rankings and the duration of employment alone! It is nothing special at OPENBASE.

Open window for employment for those with past relevant experiences: OPEN OPPORTUNITY

Excavation and cultivation of new competent personnel! Securing of outstanding core competent personnel! OPENBASE has been operating “Open Opportunity”, which is the program for the employment of staffs with past relevant experiences since 2008 in addition to the “Regular public recruitment of new staffs” since 2003. We are ceaselessly putting in efforts to secure outstanding and competent personnel with past relevant experiences, and to fulfill our social responsibilities and obligations while at the same time.
“Open Opportunity”, which is a program implemented once every month for the continuous recruitment of staffs, is an employment program for which all the processes from documentary screening procedure, interview and confirmation of employment are completed within 1 month.
We urge all those wishing to grow and advance with OPENBASE will take up the challenge of “Open Opportunity” without hesitation!

Overall Employment Procedures

Submission of application for employment → 1st: Documentary screening → 2nd: Technological interview → 3rd: Interview by the management → Confirmation of employment

Interview Procedures

The 2nd interview on technological aspects is conducted by the director and the working level staffs of the department being applied for and will focus on the relevant tasks for the position applied.
The 3rd interview conducted by the management will focus on the personality of the applicant.